Effigy of All

O what is the effigy of all?
Humble home, abode, or domicile.
Where standing before the gates we call
upon reflections all worthwhile

The door’s a path to your heart or mind
That people pass in space and time
Some stay a while and some they slide
But you’ll remember them once they’ve been inside

The kitchen is crowded, your room is a mess
This is where thoughts take up their space
From child to brother, or sister to mother
They’ll leave the room one second and be back the next

Up the staircase and down the staircase
Emotions will waver from peak unto trough
You can’t fall down and you can’t fly up
If you’ve settled upon the main floor

Food goes in the front, is digested
and then it heads out the back
Pray that your pipes aren’t leaking
It would leave your house in a wreck

Scrubbing the floors and hallways
Should be a weekly chore
You wouldn’t want moldy thoughts in your mind
To fester and grow some more

What is the Meaning of this poem?
Take care of yourself I guess
I think its reasonably clear
That guests are friends
And the goal is
to keep them near and dear.