I have stumbled upon a clarity of mind
as if the clutter of a lost life were found and shined
revealing a clean slate
I own my mind and mine alone
but if you look around our mind does not exist within any moment, minute, or hour without quote unquote "our"
ones mind does not work in one way it works in all ways
it jiggles and it jibes
it bounces back and forth with the vibrations that make us shake and dance
and jumps at the chance for conversation
It is with elation that i pronounce this revelation
so revel dont shun
cause its all in good fun
and once the funs won you can pass it on down
or off up
offer up the broth and drink it all up
most use chicken base or vegetable base but my base is
L O V Eeeeeee ouuu ow thats hot!
Its the pure energy of every spastic moment meant to construct all that is between us
Unseen, unheard, but spoken and built
shapes put together like grandmas old quilt
the way woven moments make the mosaic of life
wait... not the moments...
but what is under over and between them