Notes from the Cagie Realm

* All writings are anonymous unless specified
if you want to submit and you know who i am just hit my line
and ill post it no judgement
ps: ill try to set up an anonymous inbox for submissions*


Got caught smokin that cagie pack no cap
15 an hour no tip
i might need to cash out
hit the spot no drip work uniform got me walking lick
no matter though
the Lord got me
and so do
my dawgs

Brief Stay at a Beautiful Hotel 2050

Welcome to the hotel sir, just tap your productive capacity card right here when the prompt shows up,
if the machines algorithm determines you have produced enough capital for imf world bank
industries c-suite and shareholders you are free to enjoy your stay, if your card is declined
you will be escorted off the premises by our armed guards and shipped back to your
respective regional production zone.
The machine pipes up in its robotic intonation
"Productive capacities confirmed, Petty Labourer #729375729 cleared for maximum 1 day stay at this hotel"
Cool thanks, which level is the pool on?
The lake of fire is on the 9th floor