O Dear Friend!

O Dear Friend!
As I sit now,
and meditate upon your arrival,
I am filled with the utmost joy,
Joy for what was, what is, and what is soon to come.

I walk now the deepest corner of my soul,
In the valley of our sacred connection.
Where the nectar of our friendship feeds the fauna,
And the green hue of the grass can be felt in the heart.
Where the trees of our kindred understanding,
Reach down and embrace my whole being.
And where the harsh weathers are kept at bay,
By the fabric woven of our shared spirit.

It is my greatest pleasure,
To see you dear friend,
Grow as one,
And I will be there by your side,
As you will mine,
And though we grow on our own,
Threads of each other shall be spun into the temple we call ourselves,
And though these threads are not visible to the outsider,
These threads shall course through the tunnels of our individual spirit,
In harmony with our own,
Providing light in times of darkness,
And giving direction where direction is needed.

There is none other I would ask to join in communion,
None other I would hope to break bread with until the end of days,
None other I would wish to share consciousness with.

O Dear Friend!
How the winds of time hath carried the essence of our bond from your heart to mine,
so that i know you are with me,
even before you have arrived.