Life of a Raindrop

The raindrop rolled right off the roof,
unto its death it remained aloof,

I pluck this raindrop from the air
and set it on the chair with care.
Now raindrop raindrop tell us a story
about where youve come from and where youre going.

’Im not so much going im more into being,
being from heavens to the flowing streams,
im sometimes a raindrop and sometimes a million,
and sometimes in some states I turn into steam.’

Yes yes raindrop, but tell us a story,
you must have one of refracted glory.
Quick quick you have til morning,
raindrop please dont be so boring.

’Why human do you do this often?
kidnap raindrops when theyre falling?’

No raindrop no! too long have I waited,
to be told stories of cheeks parlayed with.
I wont give up this magnificent chance,
to hear of the buckets with whom youve aquaintanced.

’Not many buckets but I recall one cheek,
it happened around this time last week,
I was falling from the heavens above,
and found myself between a cheek and glove,
you see it was outside this pub in town,
and these two guys were fucking around,
it was raining one slipped and out swung his fist,
next thing you know I exploded to mist.’

’See its not always fun being a raindrop
but I do always try to make do.
From rivers to sewers to fields of manure
to being plucked out the air by you’