The Pond

Knelt before the pond,
one finds their own reflection.
Cupped hands promptly dipped in,
reflections shatter in all directions.
Suspended in that golden liquid,
memories past and present sifted.
Slip and drip fall through your fingers,
you lift the water to bear its gift.

Your nerves know cold,
your skin knows wet,
your throat feels the wealth of the ponds possessions.

Your body is healed,
your mind in repose,
youve taken from the earth and in return you sing its song,

The wind around you dances,
you take it hand in hand.
The pond it settles again,
one glance it responds in kind.
The birds and bugs are buzzing,
your reply is soft and sweet.
The sun it beats your skin,
nay for the bottom of your feet.

For finding the rythym of nature,
it should come second hand,
youre a human being after all,
enjoy it while you can.