Just a Thought

The mind is a magical thing,
Pick one thought and make it sing.
Enter the void of dark and light,
Come back bearing the fruit of life.

From all comes one, you’ve made your choice,
Unravel that one with your voice.
You’ll find it unfolds back into all,
Cause one thought is all thought, so follow my call.

Like tiptoeing the blades edge above the abyss,
Our thoughts roll on with the sweetest hiss.
Not too much here,
Not too much there,
Just gracefully cutting a hole in the air.
Can you hear it whistle?
Can you hear them sing?
Glistening is the bell whose ball makes it ring.
And it shines just right.
Have you felt the textures of that light?
Comfy, Cozy, Rigid, bright.
If the lights too bright it can make your head rattle,
But who’s fist holds the handle?
Whose mind swings the fist?
Who wrote the song, or did it come from the mist?
Do you miss it?
Did you watch it go?
Did it get too far before you said no?
Or did you know there’s enough left for everyone at the bottom of the bowl?
If you reach in far enough you might find our soul.
The soul that cushions our feet from the earth,
And spreads out like icing over the cake for dessert.
Who walked that desert?
Our ancestors?
Did their bodies harsh the weather searching for what we call home?
Or did home walk with them the sand swept dunes,
Leaving traces in the grains like transient runes.